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Hybrid Heating Systems in Smithville, ON

January 4, 2024

As outdoor temperatures drop too low for electric air-source heat pumps to provide adequate heating comfort in a home, hybrid systems with smart switching controls transition seamlessly to natural gas or propane furnace operation, saving energy and lowering utility bills simultaneously. This saves energy while simultaneously lowering utility costs.

Space heating accounts for more than 60% of Canadian home’s energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. By employing hybrid systems with intelligent controls that optimize their use of available resources to save the homeowner money in the long term.

Energy Savings

Homeowners should always explore fully electric heating and deep building envelope upgrades as a path toward energy efficiency. With natural gas and electricity costs at an all-time high, hybrid heat pumps have become an increasingly attractive alternative to forced air combustion furnaces.

Environment Friendly

As energy efficiency laws tighten up, hybrid heating systems have become an effective means of saving on heating costs while simultaneously cutting carbon emissions.

Hybrid solutions have quickly become an attractive solution when modernizing heating in older buildings, and can also play an integral part in new construction, helping reduce overall heating costs by using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Their ability to switch between air-source heat pump and gas furnace usage means homeowners benefit from significant cost-savings due to utilizing cost-effective or eco-friendly options on demand – creating substantial savings potential and greater peace of mind for themselves and the planet.

Lower Utility Bills

Hybrid heating systems significantly decrease energy use and emissions during a heating season. Space heating accounts for the single biggest end-use energy use within Canadian households and represents one of the main sources of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

As with any HVAC system, hybrid heating systems require regular inspection and maintenance from qualified professionals. Joining our maintenance plan early can ensure your dual fuel heating system will be ready for winter with any minor issues being detected before becoming more serious down the line. Plus, regular service sessions with our expertise will keep it operating at peak condition over winter – thus cutting heating costs further and prolonging its lifespan!

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