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The Greener Homes Club

THE G.O.A.T. –

Welcome to a club that goes beyond service – It’s a lifestyle choice for a greener, more comfortable tomorrow.

Why Join The Greener Homes Club?

Our exclusive “Greener Homes Club” is designed for environmentally and budget conscious clients like you, who are keen on minimizing energy use and extending equipment lifespan.

  • Elevate your homes efficiency

  • Budget protection with unmatched savings

  • Enjoy rewards, discounts, and waived fees.

It’s a small step contribution to a more sustainable future, ensuring lasting comfort for everyone under your roof.

Greener Homes Club Member

  • 20% discount on repairs

  • Priority scheduling

  • Waived diagnostic fees

  • Renewal rewards

  • Warranty maintained

  • Referral credit system

Membership Perks Explained

optimal efficiency & unwavering Reliability

Indulge in a tranquil state of mind, as your HVAC system consistently delivers peak performance, ensuring year-round comfort for your home.

Did you know: The average Ontario home allocates up to a staggering 86% of its utility costs to heating, cooling, and hot water.

Maintaining your equipment stands as the ultimate shield against escalating costs in an era of rising expenses.

Swift Solutions and Hassle-free Scheduling

Elevating your comfort is our top-tier commitment. As a cherished club member, relish priority service that swiftly tends to your HVAC needs, ensuring efficiency and prompt resolutions.

Bid farewell to scheduling concerns:
we’ll proactively reach out when your system is due for service, sparing you the need to remember.

Experience Convenience redefined!

Renewal Rewards: A Path to Future Savings

We’re all about honoring your dedication to system care. A finely-tuned system not only outperforms but also reduces carbon footprint.

Watch your rewards grow annually, paving the way for credits towards a future system upgrade or replacement when the time is right.

Your Commitment. Your Rewards. Your Brighter Tomorrow.

Repair & Replacement Savings

Eliminate stress from unexpected repairs. Relish exclusive repair discounts that ease the burden of maintenance expenses, ensuring  your budget stays intact.

When the moment for an upgrade arrives, We’ve got your back – We’ll credit your rewards towards your new system. It’s a win-win partnership.

Diagnostic Delight: Fees Waived Experience

Bid farewell to burdensome diagnostic charges!

As esteemed members of our club, relish the privilege of having diagnostic fees waived.

Experience savings right from the start, as we put your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront.

Referral Rewards: Share the Love, Earn Cashback!

Celebrate our outstanding service by sharing it with those you are about.

Refer friends, family, and neighbors to Environmental and enjoy cashback as our heartfelt thank you for your trust and support.

It’s a rewarding way to show our appreciation for your loyalty.

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